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Teen Time

Posted by Azizi, M.D on 15th Dec 2016

Teen obesity:Culprit ; technology.. hours of using screen devices, lack of physical activity and mindless eating. What to do? Remember those good old days when smart phones were futuristic devices?Lim … read more
​Baffled about his behavior ?? He hates women ...

​Baffled about his behavior ?? He hates women ...

Posted by Azizi, M.D. on 30th Sep 2015

... He’s flirtatious, exciting, fun, he will see you and choose you as his target ... so charismatic, at first that is . As time goes by ,you will meet "Jekyll & Hyde" In person. He can switch qui … read more

Weight loss tips

Posted by Azizi, M.D. on 21st Sep 2015

Weight loss:The most important part of any diet program is your attitude and mental preparedness.. Most people think that need to give up their favorite foods while you just need to eat a balanced di … read more

Alcohol and diet

Posted by Azizi, M.D. on 21st Sep 2015

Alcoholic drinks cause weight gain, yes. But if you want to drink remember that It's the mixers, syrups, and sodas that really get you into calorie trouble. Most drinks start with 1.5 ounces of distil … read more

Making the right diagnosis

Posted by Azizi, M.D. on 21st Sep 2015

What do you think these symptoms are due to? Decreased concentration and focusLimited activitiesDecreased decision-making capacityImpaired hand-eye coordinationProblems remembering thingsIrritability … read more